Fiji Day 2023

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Fiji Day held last 11th October 2023

The Fiji Day Celebration was an opportunity for business enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and professionals to come together and engage in insightful discussions and networking. This event aimed to foster connections, share knowledge, and promote collaboration within the business community.

During the Business Forum, industry experts and successful entrepreneurs delivered inspiring talks, offering valuable insights and strategies. Participants engaged in interactive sessions, gained new perspectives, and learned from the experiences of seasoned professionals.

Following the forum, attendees gathered for a delightful Dinner where they could further connect with like-minded individuals. They enjoyed a scrumptious meal while engaging in meaningful conversations and building long-lasting relationships.

The event was held at Skyview Reception Function Centre, 28 Railway St, Liverpool, NSW 2170. We looked forward to welcoming participants to this memorable celebration of Fiji’s culture, entrepreneurship, and business opportunities.